10/23 event review

First off let me thank some people, mainly Stephen Humphrey the publisher of Birmingham Weekly (www.bhamweekly.com ), for hosting our event. We had wanted to change location for a little bit of a change from our previous events. I had met Stephen via William Crow briefly after Bob Gruen (www.bobgruen.com) had given his talk on his life’s work at the Birmingham Musuem of Art. So Stephen, we all are very appreciative that you hosted our event.

I also want to thank Steve Higginbotham of Cameras Brookwood (www.camerasbrookwood.com ) for the giveaways that he provided us. I have known Steve for a number of years and am glad he is active with our group.

I also want to thank Avondale Brewing Company (www.avondalebrewingcompany.com)  for selling us a small (I think they call it 1/6th) keg of Spring Street Saison (via the distributor) for our event. This is the beer responsible for my intoxication that evening. But I enjoyed it immensely, and I will be drinking more in the near future.

Ok, now some pictures. I will write more below and I am sure more later.

Stephen at his desk, checking something on the computer. Photo by Daryl

Paul, Lynn and Will all say “Look someone is taking our picture”. Photo by Wilburn

A moment later, Paul, Lynn and Will. Photo by Scott

The keg and the tap and hoses. Photo by Scott

Steve showing us a 7 foot umbrella that they now stock at Cameras Brookwood. Photo by Gary

Gary making E laugh. Photo by Wilburn




A shot of Wilburn shooting someone else. Photo by Daryl

The group that went to dinner afterwards. Blame the waiter for the blurry shot.

After many of our events I always plan to go to dinner and try to invite others along if they want to come, we had a good dinner crowd. This dinner is similar to what we do for our monthly dinners, but our monthly thing is usually a little smaller but has been this size once or twice.

The crowd this time was smaller than usual, and we had a much higher flake rate than we have ever had with the RSVP’s (Usually if people have to take the time to fill out the RSVP form they are more serious about showing up), but oh well that is life.


Oh and here is a link to the rest of the images that we could have posted but didn’t, just way to many.


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