A few photos from the October 17th event

I brought an event camera setup and since I was pretty busy trying to get things  setup, etc I handed the camera to Kelsi. So most of the pics here were shot by her (Thanks so much Kelsi). Sorry for the delay in getting these up, I got busy and then almost forgot about them. Hey you know you got to get the paying stuff done before you can do volunteer stuff. Well here are some and labeled as best I can. If you are in a picture and I have mislabeled it, etc please let me know.


Jim, William and Scott


Kelsi and Jeff

The two ladies on the left I can’t remember there names, Kim is on the right.


Jerome is doing his sexy look.


Marianne, Frederick and William


Steve and Gary


Tori and Jackie


Kim, Barry and Steve.


Steve and Paul.

Freddy, Jim and Bobby.


I think Kelsi must of had some shoe envy since she took this picture.


A shot of a number of people sitting about the time we went around the room to do introductions.


Jerome being funny with a model in his arms.


Here is a link to all the of the photos from event.








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