April 17th event review

Wow, what a great event. Great to see so many others that have become friends through the group, Nat, Chuck St John, Freddy B, Gary G, Frederick &
Marianne B, Hod, Steven S,  Paul G, Paul H, Joe D, Jeffrey R, Terry M, Somica, Will Crow, E Badham, and Vasanta. And it was great to talk with some of the new people that I meet such as Augustin, Chastady, Jenn, Kim, Keisha, Matthew, and Sophia, just to name a few. I am just writing this off the top of my head and know I am probably forgetting to mention lots of poeple. I also was sad that Rachel got a fever and couldn’t join us and that Steve G, had vehicle issues that kept him from attending, I miss seeing you both.

Well thanks everybody for spreading the word and making it another great event, with plenty of new people. A special thanks to Billy Brown for hosting the event and for providing some complimentary water and soft drinks for the group.

Our next event will be the monthly dinner social on wednesday May 18th at 6:30 pm at Jason’s Deli at Brookwood Mall. No RSVP needed, just show up. We may have 10 people, we could have 25, but either way you will get a chance to interact with some great people. I will email a reminder on that Monday to all on our email list.

Here are a few snapshots that I took on a p&s cam.

Some people networking

Nat and Steve

Our youngest attendee, Basil, who brought his dad along.

Jennifer smiling and Chuck surprised.

Now that’s a better photo.

Gary excited and William ready to battle for a reliable model.

Freddy B showing Hod an image on his cell.

Paul, Jim and Paul.

Dann, Matthew and Somica.

David showing off his work.

Jenn, Chastady and Alex.

Augustin shooting Alison



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