Great response so far

Looks like we will have another great turnout for our event on the 23rd. But please keep spreading the word to those you have worked with or would like to work with. I would really love to have record attendance … Continue reading “Great response so far”

April 17th event review

Wow, what a great event. Great to see so many others that have become friends through the group, Nat, Chuck St John, Freddy B, Gary G, Frederick & Marianne B, Hod, Steven S,  Paul G, Paul H, Joe D, Jeffrey … Continue reading “April 17th event review”

A few photos from the October 17th event

I brought an event camera setup and since I was pretty busy trying to get things  setup, etc I handed the camera to Kelsi. So most of the pics here were shot by her (Thanks so much Kelsi). Sorry for … Continue reading “A few photos from the October 17th event”

October 17th Meet Greet Shoot recap

Well that was another great event. I hope everyone else got as much out of it as I did. A couple things, first I would like to say thanks to a few business’s that donated door prizes. Cameras Brookwood ( … Continue reading “October 17th Meet Greet Shoot recap”

Door prizes for October 17th

Well we will add a new twist to the event by having giving out some door prizes, we have gotten a few items already and will be adding more soon. One will be a chance to win a banner ad … Continue reading “Door prizes for October 17th”