Fall Meet Greet Shoot – October 23rd

Mark your calendars for Sunday October 23rd, 2011 3-6pm

Link to the location on google maps: Birmingham Weekly Office

Birmingham Media Networking Group

presents our

Fall Meet-Greet-Shoot

Sunday October 23rd


Birmingham Weekly Office

Avondale Bricks Building

130 41st Street South, Suite 103

Birmingham, AL 35222


Well as stated above we are gonna host our last BIG event this year in about 3 weeks (from this original posting). Even though our group has Birmingham in the name we have a number of members from all over the state (Fort Payne, Anniston, Tuscaloosa, etc) so please don’t think we only want local people. We had a great turnout at our last BIG event in April, I think we had finalized a number at around 61, but it sure seemed like more people (we might have missed a few people).

Besides just coming to mingle and meet and network with your fellow photographers, models, make up artists,  hair stylists, actors, etc, we chose a location (on purpose) that would offer some shooting opportunities for those that wanted to do that (I suspect many will do so). The Avondale area offers a ton of various, interesting and unique shooting locations, and many within a block or two of the offices, easy walking distance.

With this Meet and Greet, shooting is completely optional. We wanted to use a venue in which shooting is possible, but we want everyone to know that they are NOT REQUIRED to shoot. Come out, mingle, talk and get to know the photographers, models, stylists, etc.  in the area. The old adage about “its who you know” still applies, and just by being on MM, really doesn’t mean you know anybody. Making a good impression in person, that is memorable, can sure go a long way. It’s a NO-PRESSURE environment meant to encourage everyone to have fun while getting their work seen by more of the local community.

Since more of the emphasis at this event is the networking, the shoot part isn’t supervised by us, all details regarding with whom you shoot, releases, and terms of the shoot are to be handled BY YOU. Be sure that you discuss the terms with your collaborators, and that all details are understood and all parties have a copy of the release.

A couple things to add.

Please RSVP by either filling out the form linked here or by sending the same info to the email address BirminghamMediaNetworkingGroup@hotmail.com

The RSVP will allow us to plan correctly for the attendance (name tags, table space, etc.). Members you need to RSVP as well.


Here are a few photos of some of the area around this location. Also of note, the Avondale Park, 2.5 blocks away is still under renovation. I am not sure if the renovation will be done by Oct 23rd or not.

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