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I wanted to create page on the site with interesting and useful links that can benefit our members and others as well.


The following items were added June 18, 2013 

An interesting documentary on photographer William Klein


I saw this and thought it was hiliarous



The following  items were added March 17, 2011

This is a site done by a photographer and a model, they do weekly podcasts that you can listen to while you edit, surf the web, etc  – Photographer and Model . A couple specific links on there site that I came across that I would recommend to photographers are  7-things-to-look-for-in-a-models-portfolio and art-and-the-marketplace which tries to answer the question “Why would anyone want to photograph models when there is little to no chance they will make any money doing it?”.


For Models

This site is called “Thoughts of a hobbyist model”  – One of her better articles that I came across that I would recommend to models was about checking-references.

Another great article was about her pre-shoot-routine and checklist.


For Photographers.

Two of the largest professional photographer associations, Professional Photographers of America – and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International – The online version of the Professional Photographer Magazine that is produced by PPA, is a great resource of information and knowledge – A good article I saw recently was about sensor cleaning with the firefly sensor cleaner, and a great article on Getting started on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Please feel free to send me info and links that you feel that will be beneficial to others.

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