June 19th Event

Wow, that was a great event. We got to meet with lots of new people – models, photographers, make up artists, hairstylists, painters, artists, agents, etc and we saw others getting some excellent one-on-one time as well. There was a lot of putting faces names, people had heard about or maybe had only communicated via email, etc. It was good relaxed networking. Lots of great shooting as well.

The turnout greatly exceeded our expectations. We had a long list of RSVP’s, but had a good number of attendees who hadn’t. It was the core group of members that really helped spread the word, encourage attendance, and helped make the newcomers welcome.

We really look forward to seeing some of the images and video from the event. Some of the images will be posted on the website as soon as we can collect some and get them up. If you need contact info for someone you spoke with and maybe misplace their info, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to help.

We’ve already had inquires about when the next big event will be, and based on the response from those in attendance, we’re thinking sometime in October. Of course, check back here for updates and additional info.

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