June education event / dinner

Date: Wednesday June 20th, 6pm

Location: Jason’s Deli outside the Brookwood Mall

Please RSVP to:  BirminghamMediaNetworkingGroup@hotmail.com   so we can make sure and have enough seats.


This month instead of doing just our monthly dinner, we are going to have a round table discussion about topics related to licensing images for use by business’, magazines, publishers and other related topics (copyright, releases, etc). There is a ton of information to try to know and understand about licensing, copyrights, and we are going to have a few people on hand to share some of their knowledge and real world experiences with this. So far confirmed for the dinner are Chuck St John, Edward Badham, and Joe DeSciose, 3 photographers who have been around the photography business a number of years and have some insight into the ins and outs of licensing.

Also Scott McLeod will be putting together a handout with some info about copyrights and licensing and lists of resources available to photographers. Some of the info will answer these questions;  “When does a work become copyrighted?”, “How long does a copyright last?”, “Is it true that Registered works may be eligible for statutory damages and attorney’s fees in successful litigation?”, “Does the subject of the photograph have any claim to the copyright?”, “Do I need a release to post a photo of somebody online or to sell a print?”, “What do I need to include in a usage license?”, “Do I need an attorney to write the license?”, etc.


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