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Gary Grimes (Personality Imaging) – Photographer


Birmingham, AL


I love all types of photography and working with creative people.  I have been shooting seriously for over a half century and love it more each year.   When I started I had to load sheet film into wooden film holders and develop it in total darkness – then made the transition to roll film – and now am totally digital and don’t even use many flash bulbs any more.  I’m a retired Bell Labs scientist and a retired UAB professor of electrical and computer engineering.  Now that I’m retired into photography I’m looking for partners – stylists, makeup artists, models, wardrobe designers etc. to take photography to the next level.  I am the inventor on 73 US patents in the areas of optics, imaging, cell phones, GPS, and virtual reality.  Although I have the Personality Imaging photo business and do commercial photography, stock photography, and portfolio development, the emphasis is on creating art, meeting and working with creative people, trying new things, finding new places, learning new Photoshop methods, etc.  I’m also venturing into video and web design, but have a long way to go in those areas.  I don’t really have a style; each shoot brings a new photographic adventure so you just never know what we’re going to come up with.  I have a wife, two adult married children, a super cute granddaughter, a fabulous dog, and three great SUVs.  Now that I finally have more time for photography I’m looking for partners to reshoot my portfolio and get some great images for yours too.  I don’t do mornings or shoot girls in flip-flops on toilets wearing caution tape, but everything else is fair game (well, except snakes, mayonnaise, and weddings).  I have met some wonderful creative people through the activities of the Birmingham Media Networking Group and hope to meet you soon!

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