Holly Pocket

Name (company), type: Holly Pocket, model

Location: Birmingham, AL


Hey everyone! c: My name is Holly. I am 18. I am mostly into all kinds
of styles. I’m willing to try new stuff. My favorite kind of styles are
Gothic (including Gothic Lolita), Pinup, and Scene. I actually have a
bipolar taste in styles because I also like the preppy look. And I must
say…I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GRUESOME! Blood is always art to me. I dye my
hair alot. I’m naturally a blonde. I have Aqua at the moment. So I have
decided to not do nudes AT ALL! Please do not contact me about a nude
photoshoot. I will not respond. My goal is to become a more experienced
model and to hopefully have a future career with it. As I see it,
Photography is art, and I would love to be a piece of art!


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