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Scott McLeod – Co-Founder – Photographer

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Scott McLeod – Photographer


Birmingham, AL


I started my company in January 2oo4, when I switched from film to digital, I had been shooting film since I was in middle school. In late 2007 I got into shooting models, mainly for the unique creative opportunities that it lends itself to. While I shoot mostly for paid work, sports, events, weddings, portfolio development, etc I will occasionally shoot a project as break from the have to, to the want to. Because when you are the only one you have to please, it allows a greater flexibility than when shooting for others.

I have been a photoshop user since 2004 and am constantly growing and learning. A program that is constantly evolving and so the learning is constant as well, although I find that less and less of the new stuff gets regular use by me.

Started, with William Crow, an informal networking group in summer of 2009, that eventual became the Birmingham Media Networking Group.

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Scott McLeod Photo

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Scott McLeod on MM

Scott McLeod on iStudio

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phone:  205-283-2167 voice and text

email:  scottmcleodphoto (at)

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Here are a few of photos of my work.

model Heather

model Katie

model Brittney

model Joi

models Nat and Fielding

model Kim

model Christina

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  1. Scott,
    Not sure if you remember me but I talked with you in April last year about renting a studio in Birmingham for a model shoot. This was the week of the tornado’s. I will be back in Birmingham in a couple weeks but don’t think I will need a studio this time.
    I am now in partners on a studio with 2 others here in the Tupelo, MS area. If any of your fellow photographers are ever in the Tupelo area and looking for a studio to rent, have them contact me. We rent our studio and provide all the gear needed for a shoot.
    Jay Miller

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