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Scott McLeod – Photographer


Birmingham, AL


I started my company in January 2004, when I switched from film to digital. I had been doing photography since I was in middle school. In late 2007 I got into shooting models, mainly for the unique creative opportunities that it lends itself to. While I shoot mainly do paid photography work such as corporate events, professional headshots, social events, etc, I do occasionally shoot a project as break from the “have to”, to the “want to”. Because when you are the only one you have to please, it allows a greater flexibility than when shooting paid work for others.

I started, with help from William Crow, an informal networking group in summer of 2009, that eventual became the Birmingham Media Networking Group.

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Scott McLeod Photo

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phone:  205-283-2167 voice and text

email:  scott (at)

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Here are a few of photos of my work.

model Heather

model Katie

model Brittney

model Joi

models Nat and Fielding

model Kim

model Christina

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  1. Scott,
    Not sure if you remember me but I talked with you in April last year about renting a studio in Birmingham for a model shoot. This was the week of the tornado’s. I will be back in Birmingham in a couple weeks but don’t think I will need a studio this time.
    I am now in partners on a studio with 2 others here in the Tupelo, MS area. If any of your fellow photographers are ever in the Tupelo area and looking for a studio to rent, have them contact me. We rent our studio and provide all the gear needed for a shoot.
    Jay Miller

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