Monthly dinner for May

We had our first monthly dinner on Wednesday May 18th. We had a nice crowd, and really had some good conversations and interaction. I got to talk with two people new to the group, models (Brandon and Nyleve) about a variety of model related things. And as always talk photography, locations, ideas, shooting, gadgets, etc with Gary, Will, Hod, Paul, and others.

Well at 9pm, when Jason’s closed we headed outside and talked more and then I spent another 30 minutes in the parking deck talking. I think I got home at 10:30pm, and yet the time flew by. I have really come to consider many of the regulars good friends, and if that was all I would have gained from this group, it would be well worth it.


Gary with a huge sandwich


William with a camera

I had to take this picture of William. I like to give him a hard time because I have never seen him shoot; anything, anybody, or even any proof that he has a camera. I am not kidding. ¬†Well Hod had his camera with him and I told Will to pick it up and pretend he was taking a pic. I now have a very rare image indeed. Will Crow with a camera, a digital one at that, maybe I can get Christie’s to auction it. FYI, Will owns no digital camera, only film ones, or so he claims. LOL


Hod with his poker hat.

While in the parking deck, Paul, Gary and I came up with a few new ideas for Hod’s business, but for some reason he wasn’t interested in shooting women over 70. Go figure. Oh well.

I usually try to keep it totally professional here, but I just felt the need to share some of the humor we had at the dinner.

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