October 17th Meet Greet Shoot recap

Well that was another great event. I hope everyone else got as much out of it as I did. A couple things, first I would like to say thanks to a few business’s that donated door prizes. Cameras Brookwood (www.camerasbrookwood.com) donated some items and Fat Sam’s Substation also donated a few meals.

I want to thank Bobby Bruce ( A Snap In Time ) for bringing the lights that helped light up the room. Its usually just used for live music at night and doesn’t have great lighting.

Also thanks to Kelsi for roaming around with a camera and taking a few candids of everybody. I will have those photos up soon.

Also as people give me there updated info I will get it up here on the website. Basically if you have attended an event you are a member and I will create a profile for you.

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