Spring Meet-Greet-Shoot wrap up

Well, thanks again for another great event everyone. We had a great crowd, I think the final count was mid 50’s. I look forward to seeing many of the images I saw being taken on site at the event, and would like to share more if you send me some. Below is an image Jaysen wisely took, when we were doing introductions of everyone.

A panoramic shot of the room, most people visible some are hidden by others some are out of frame camera left or right. (Image by Jaysen)

It was great seeing many who I know and have become good friends, as well as meeting new people that I hope to connect with and work with in the future.

I also wanted to thank everybody that helped spread the word about the event and help making it a success.

I also wanted to thank the great people at Avondale Brewery Company (www.avondalebrewingcompany.com) for hosting our event.  The location really added to our event, and I hope we can use it again in the future.

Here are a few other photos that were taken, I will add to it as people send me more.


People mingling and networking. (image shot by Jim)


Will talking with Ginger, Gary framing Rachels face.(images shot by Jim)

Augus shooting with Jackie (image shot by Jim)

Will, Scott and Brian (image shot by Jim)

A shot of Kat in the window. (shot by Jim)

A video clip (time compressed) to show some of the room and activity in it during the event. (shot by Scott)


Rachel and Jackie (Images shot by Augus)

A wide shot of many around the room talking.(Image shot by Paul)

Kat (Image shot by Paul)

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