Spring Meet Greet Shoot

bmng may 2015 flyer v2

The Spring Meet Greet Shoot is gonna be on Saturday May 16, 2015 from 3 to 6pm.

Gonna meetup at The Depot. Meet, greet and network from like 3 to 4ish. Then people will likely go shoot in the area, some cool locations in walking distance, Old Towne Helena, Buck Creek, the waterfall, etc.

It has become tradition for those still there at the end to go grab a meal together somewhere, with input from those still there, so if you can plan for another hour do so.
Because the light still maybe good until 6:30 or 7pm, the end time is not exact.

Also if new people are still showing up at 3:50pm we may extend the networking longer, before heading out to shoot. We try to wait until most that have rsvp’d have arrived before we go around an do short introductions from all in attendance.

Also since The Depot doesn’t have a large parking lot, if some can park in the Ampitheather / Park parking lot just across 261/Helena Rd that would be appreciated. We don’t need to hog all 20 parking spots at the Depot all afternoon.


I am posting the info here on our website, but to rsvp and comment and ask questions please do so a the event we created on facebook or our group page on facebook.



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