Tentative date announced for Fall Event

We had a little planning meeting yesterday and settled on a date for the next big get together. The date is going to be Sunday October 17th in the afternoon (sunset will be at 6:10pm). The location is the same as the previous event in June, Matthews Bar & Grill on Morris Avenue. The time is from 3-7pm, we had initially planned from 2-6pm but the venue normally doesn’t open until 6pm but agreed to open at 3 for our group event.

One thing we do need is to better light the room we used, so we need a couple that have some lighting to help light up the room. We don’t need photographic quality constant lighting, just some basic lights you may have gotten from home depot, walmart, etc.

And for those of you planning on bring laptops, etc that need power, we will have a few extension cords, but to ensure you will have somewhere to plug in, plan to bring a plug strip.

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