A message from Alex about Birmingham Fashion Week

A message that Alex (a model) asked me to pass along to everyone.


Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well. I meet many of you for the first time this past Sunday at the BMNG networking event. And if I have not had the pleasure of making your acquaintance, I will in the near future. I am participating in Birmingham Fashion Week, taking place on April 28, 29 & 30. All the proceeds for BFW go to benefit Camp Smile a Mile. If you are not familiar with Camp Smile a Mile (www.campsam.org), it is a non profit organization that provides year round programs for children here in Alabama who have or have had cancer. I want to ask all of you to aid us in making BFW a success. There are many ways you can aid us in our endeavor. There are many ways to get involved; you can buy tickets to the main fashion show taking place at historic Rucker Place, to take part in any of the events for BWF, go to the Camp Smile a Mile website and make a donation, go to the BFW website and click the get involved button to volunteer to help with BFW, or you can help us spread the word.  If you would like more information on BFW, please visit us at www.BhamFashionWeek.com, and you can also find us on both facebook and Twitter.

Thank you in advance for helping make BFW a success and supporting Camp Smile a Mile.


Alexandrina Williams



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